Do I Really Need Pet Insurance?

by Emma

Pet insurance is a security net to help protect you against unexpected costs related to your pet, such as an accident or illness. Many pet owners choose to have pet insurance to cover veterinary bills, which at times can be out of control, especially in the United States. But to many cat or dog owners, insurance for your pet can seem like a frivolous expense. It can also be confusing when you are searching for the right plan to cover your pet since you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. You may often find yourself asking the question, “Do I really need pet insurance?” If this sounds like you, you should know that sites like iSelect can do all the hard work for you. iSelect grew out of a need to compare intricate products in a more consumer-friendly way. You can choose what level of coverage you would want for your beloved pet and look at policies that vary to include accidental injury like a cut or illness such as diabetes. Many pet insurance policies will also cover spay or neutering and annual vaccinations.

There are three types of pet insurance policies.


When you start to look into pet insurance policies, bear in mind that there are three main types of pet insurance that you’re likely to encounter. Lifetime insurance is the most comprehensive. With life insurance, you will pay a premium every year.·Annual insurance gives you 12 months’ worth of coverage on a rolling basis, which means you can switch to a cheaper option each year. Accident-only insurance is the most basic insurance coverage available. It covers emergency care for accidents but not illnesses.

Do you need insurance for your pet?

You really need to ask yourself whether you be happy to wander around with no health insurance. If the answer is no, then, as a pet parent, you may want to look into some coverage for your furry friend. As many know, unexpected trips to the vet can often leave you with massively high vet bills that you may not have been prepared for. By making sure you have a pet insurance plan, you can rest easy knowing that if something bad were to happen to your dog or cat, they would be taken care of, and you could afford it. The average pet insurance claim is under $1,000 a year, but claims can sometimes run into the thousands if your pet develops an ongoing condition such as cancer. To know if buying pet insurance coverage is the right step for you, it is important to consider how you would cope with an unexpected bill that steep. An average plan a year costs around $279. It may vary depending on your animal’s age and temperament. But you can always weigh the pros and cons of paying a premium and the chance of your animal developing an issue.

What exactly does pet insurance cover?

It is important to note that pet insurance policies can vary widely, but if you do your research and read all of the fine print, you will be sure to get the perfect coverage. A typical plan may include coverage due to a loss or stolen pet in which they would give you the purchase price of your animal or pay market value. An insurance company could also pay towards the advertising cost for your lost animal. A pet plan may also include treatment for animals with behavior problems but usually depend on the breed. Most typically, a pet insurance plan will also cover emergency care and death by injury or illness. A great policy should also make sure to cover euthanasia. Liability cover is also a big one if your dog ends up hurting a human or another animal, and there are damages involved. You can buy pet insurance just to cover this situation or as part of a more thorough pet insurance policy. As always, the idea of pet coverage is there to help you when the unexpected happens, which is why most owners opt for their pet to be fully covered.

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