Democrats call on FCC to expand access to internet for students

by Emma


The E-rate program is designed to help schools and libraries obtain affordable broadband. However, the previous FCC administration under chair Ajit Pai refused to expand it to include student and home access, despite the massive increase in online learning due to school coronavirus closures.

“We urge you to now use your new leadership of the FCC to depart from the prior Commission’s erroneous position,” the letter states. “Although the funds currently available through the E-Rate will not be enough to connect every student across the country, your prompt action would provide an essential down payment.”

Rosenworcel, who butted heads with Pai on the E-Rate issue, said earlier this week that the FCC would seek comment on using E-Rate funds to open up internet access for remote learning. “Kids shouldn’t have to do homework in parking lots because that’s the only place they can get online. We can do better,” she wrote.


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