Cost-effective and energy-efficient move! Delhi Metro replaces conventional lighting with LED lights at metro stations

by Joseph K. Clark

In a bid to save energy and offer a much better lighting system to Delhi Metro commuters, a drive has been undertaken by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to replace conventional lights with LED lights at 155 various locations covering Metro stations, parking areas, depots, etc., which were opened under Phase 1 and Phase 2. According to the Corporation, in recent months, Delhi Metro has already covered 75 percent of the drive-by installing approximately one Lakh LED light at these Delhi Metro locations by replacing the conventional lights. The rest of the 25 percent of the drive will be completed by October-end this year, wherein nearly 35,000 LED lights in the remaining areas will be installed.

According to DMRC, the conventional lights’ operational life was around ten years. The Delhi Metro network thus decided to replace them with new-age LED lights that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. The LED lighting at metro premises will help Delhi Metro save around half of the total energy expenditure. As a result of this move, the entire cost of installing these LED lights will be recovered by Delhi Metro in nearly two years. Compared to existing conventional lights, LED lights’ lifespan is long, with much-reduced maintenance cost. On average, LED light lasts 50,000 operating hours or more, more than 40 times an incandescent bulb’s lifespan. Additionally, LED lights have the component of energy efficiency, which makes these lights consume a meager amount of power.

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