Are Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne Services Different from Restorative Services?

by Emma

When you have dental problems, it is important to not digress from obtaining the proper solutions that you may require to reinstate your oral health. With the existence of several dentistry treatments available in the modern age, it can become unclear to quickly learn which exact treatment could benefit you better.

Gaining advice from a dental professional regarding correcting your dental conditions could help you get the perfect treatment. Still, it will also be feasible for you to become familiar with common types of dental treatments. Since it is possible to easily get confused between Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, this short guide will help you learn the difference between both.

Aim of Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry concerns with enhancing the visual appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, and bite. It involves making corrections or improvements to these components for offering a pleasing smile to the patient that helps boost their self-confidence and promotes the satisfaction of the aesthetic kind.

Procedures such as teeth bonding, dental implants, etc., can be used apart from common cosmetic dentistry services to achieve the desired results, allowing for a complete smile makeover treatment.

Common Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne Services

The following are among some of the most demanded cosmetic dental procedures:

Teeth Whitening

This is the basic type of cosmetic dental treatment offered by a Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne expert, and it can be completed in one visit in healthy cases. As the name suggests, this procedure helps remove the dullness of teeth to again make them look whiter.

Teeth Alignment

Having misaligned teeth can be problematic, but they also provide sore sight when they smile. This can be corrected by the services of an orthodontic dentist or a cosmetic dental professional with the use of dental braces or dental veneers, respectively.

Dental Prosthesis

Many dental prostheses can be obtained from a Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne specialist to improve a person’s teeth, gums, and smile. Thosee could also include dental crowns, dental implants, and even temporary dentures. Additionally, these prostheses also provide better dental stability and improved mouth functions.

Aim of Restorative Dental Solutions

On the other hand, restorative dentistry has less to do with the aesthetics of a person’s mouth and its components. The solutions offered under restorative dentistry primarily serve to provide better mouth functions that aid both the oral health and the patient’s overall well-being.

It is also noteworthy to learn that no specialization is required to offer restorative dentistry services. In contrast, it’s the opposite case with cosmetic dentistry as it requires a well experienced professional to deliver successful treatments.

Common Teeth Restoration Melbourne Services

Below mentioned are a few of the numerous type of Dental Restoration services that are popularly demanded from a dental professional:

Dental Implants

Although these are commonly also considered under teeth restoration services, a Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne professional could also provide you with dental implants. They help with replacing your missing teeth with more durable artificial teeth that ultimately offer a complete and attractive looking smile.

Tooth Fillings

When you have cavities, they can cause you to require tooth extraction when they aren’t cleaned and disinfected in time. After cleaning the problematic teeth, they are filled with dental fillings of various kinds to restore the integrity of your teeth, which also helps them become secure against most types of dental infections and tooth decay.


These are globally one of the best types of dental solutions after dental implants to restore a person’s missing teeth. Their successful application allows a person to again enjoy their various mouth functions such as speech, biting, and chewing ability, to name a few. A Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne expert could also provide you with these because they too serve to offer a complete smile.

Final Words

Most of the Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne treatments allow the patient to obtain a custom smile wherein the provided dental appliances can be personalized to match the structure and appearance of their original teeth. The same is also possible in restorative dentistry, but more preference is given to the overall functionality instead of combined aesthetics and purposefulness.

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