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by Joseph K. Clark


Coronavirus Statistics in India Live, Coronavirus Prevention Live UpdatesA medic administers COVID-19 vaccine to a beneficiary amid the second wave of coronavirus epidemic, in New Delhi, on May 13, 2021. (PTI Photo)

Coronavirus Daily Cases and Deaths in India, Covid Vaccine India Live Updates: Vaccination is the only way out of the coronavirus pandemic and India is struggling to say the least. Sample this – Only 3 per cent population is fully vaccinated in the nation of 133 crore! In addition, there is this confusing policy by the Narendra Modi government. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that it is because of the Centre’s complicated policy that states are fighting with each other for the vaccine. As of now, as many as 10 states have decided to or have already floated global tenders for corona vaccines.

From Delhi to Bengaluru, cities are shutting down the vaccine centres due to a shortage of stocks. But it should be noted that these are those people who were successfully able to register and get a Cowin slot for the Covid-19 vaccine. The situation remains abysmal in the villages. After Ghazipur, Balia, Chhapara and Buxur, now reports are coming in about floating bodies being spotted in Ganga near Patna. There are reports that locals have cast fishing nets to prevent the bodies from being disposed of in the holy Ganga.

As the world’s second-most populous nation tries to find a way out of the second Covid wave, here are the latest, confirmed updates from India and around the globe:


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