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Coronavirus Statistics in India Live, Coronavirus Prevention Live Updates

Is hard lockdown only way to keep the Covid cases from increasing? Many experts and political leaders feel that India needs a hard lockdown without any additional humanitarian crisis like 2020. But with most of the states in some stage of lockdown already, what’s the way forward? More testing and aggressive vaccination! (PTI Photo)

Coronavirus Cases in India Today, Coronavirus Statistics in India May 7 Highlights: In yet another painful milestone, India reported 4.14 lakh new Covid-10 infections on Friday. This was the second straight day the country saw over 4 lakh cases. There is a growing chorus over the need for another national lockdown to break the chain of the coronavirus. However, the latest status check shows that India is under lockdown, well almost. Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Odisha, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh have enforced strict lockdown. States such as Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka have also imposed some curbs. Maharashtra has achieved significant success with its corona curfew. Telangana, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand have also clamped down curfews during the night and other stringent measures.

So, if you look at it, the country is practically under a lockdown. So, what’s different this time? Unlike 2020, the supply chain has not been broken. Economist also say that local lockdowns will help in reviving the manufacturing sector and other key components of the Indian economy. However, the total collapse of the health infra also need to be looked into.

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India must get ready for the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic; the third wave of Covid-19 infections in India is inevitable; Brace for the third wave, can’t forecast timeframe – these statements coming from the Supreme Court and top scientific advisor to the Prime Minister show that India’s harrowing Covid nightmare is far from over! After minor ebb for two days, India reported over 4 lakh cases once again for the second day in a row. The number of deaths has almost reached the 4,000 mark. For the last 10 days, India has seen over 3,000 Covid deaths on daily basis.

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Cities such as Delhi and Mumbai have shown marked improvement. However, the situation is worsening a lot faster in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Various mathematical models have predicted the daily caseload inching towards the 8 lakh mark! However, many experts such as Dr Gagandeep Kang feel that we would see a downward trend in terms of daily cases around mid-May. It is the Hindi heartland that will be the next or rather is the new red zone of the Covid outbreak. Bihar saw the highest numbers since the pandemic began on Thursday and the situation is critical in Uttar Pradesh.

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While metros have been able to somewhat sustain the impact, rural India with poor health infrastructure would be another disaster! As states scramble to come up with a workable action plan to fight the Covid surge, here are the latest news, updates, rules related to pandemic from India and around the world:


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