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by Joseph K. Clark

Voice social network Clubhouse said on Sunday it will expand its Android app worldwide in a week, days after launching a beta version of its service on Google-owned mobile operating system for users in the U.S.

The startup — backed by A16z, Tiger Global, and DST Global and valued at about $4 billion — said it will roll out the Android app to Japan, Brazil, and Russia on Tuesday; Nigeria and India three days later, and the rest of the world by Friday afternoon.

Clubhouse initially launched as an iPhone-only app last year. Last year, the app quickly gained popularity, attracting several high-profile celebrities, politicians, investors, and entrepreneurs.


The startup began developing the Android app early this year and started to test the beta version externally this month. Earlier this month, the startup said availability on Android was the most requested product feature in a town hall earlier this month.

Clubhouse’s global rollout on Android comes when scores of technology firms, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit, and Microsoft’s LinkedIn, have either launched their similar offerings — or announced plans to do so.

Twitter’s clone of Clubhouse, called Spaces, has emerged as one of the biggest competitors. Meanwhile, Clubhouse has struggled to maintain its growth pace in recent months — based on download figure estimates by several mobile insight firms. The Android app could potentially help the startup court more users.

The startup maintains an invitation system for onboarding new users, saying that this is part of its effort to “keep the growth measured.”

The Android app of Clubhouse currently lacks several features. At the time of launch last week, users couldn’t follow a topic, create or manage a club, link their social profiles, make payments, or change their user name. The startup said it is working to bring iOS features to the Android app.

✨ Townhall highlights ✨

iOS upcoming:? List of all the people who’ve paid you? Find everyone you’ve heard in a room for the past 10 days? Tag people in your profile Android upcoming:  ✅ Working on feature parity with iOS? Rolling out everywhere this week.  Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) May 16, 2021

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