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by Joseph K. Clark

It’s no wonder that the Samsung Neo Q85A is one of the best Samsung TVs. It not only has a 4K OLED display, but all of the intelligent TV functionality one could want, including Bixby. Samsung makes a TV for every situation and every budget, and a few of these could rival some of the best Android TVs for any case or price point.

Best Samsung TVs Overall: Samsung Neo QN85A QLED 4K Smart TV

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When picking the best Samsung TVs, there are a lot of choices. The company has so many different offerings that it can be tough to sift through the weeds. The QN85A, though, enters the arena for the best Samsung TVs and the best TV for PS5 with its slew of updated hardware and features.

This TV includes a beautiful 4K QLED display panel with concentrated LED zones to make sure that you can see everything as the director intended. The viewing angle has been improved over its predecessor, so there is less of a chance for glare. The inclusion of Object Tracking Sound and Adaptive Picture helps cover all of the bases with this beast of a TV.

One possible limitation to grabbing the QN85A for yourself is that it’s just not available in a lot of different sizes. While it’s great for those looking for a TV in the 55-85-inch range, anything smaller (or larger) and you’re stuck looking elsewhere. While we’re all gearing up for the PS5, the “Game Mode” on the QN85A will do a fine job at creating a great gaming experience, but you may have to deal with limitations if you run into games that don’t support 32:9 aspect ratios. This is because Samsung disables some of the video processing when Game Mode provides faster response times.


  • 4K for sharp detail and refined color
  • Engineered to reduce glare
  • Adaptive Picture optimizes playback
  • Object Tracking Sound adds realistic 3D sound


  • Only four different sizes are available
  • Expensive

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