Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

by Joseph K. Clark

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 4 is already available for purchase. It comes in two different models. The vanilla Galaxy Watch 4 features a design that will most likely appeal to athletes and anyone who loves doing sports or any kind of physical activity. It comes in two sizes, a 44mm and a 40mm option starting at $115 on any of four different color options: Black, Green, Silver, and Pink Gold, which also come with a matching color sport band. Then we have the more elegant Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic that’s available in Black and Silver in 42mm and 46mm options.


Now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will look good regardless of the color or the variant you go for, but what if you could make it look great? There are several band options for you to choose from in the market. Some of these options come directly from Samsung, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for third-party possibilities to make the latest Galaxy Watch feel better on your wrist and look better with your outfit. We have selected some of the best bands for your new Galaxy Watch 4 in the market in case you want to pimp out your new smartwatch or in case you really do need to get a new replacement band for your wearable, so check them out and see if there’s that catches your interest.

    This may be the best option for those who like to hit the gym and be active throughout the day. You get to choose between seventeen different color options that will keep your device secured to your wrist.
    Suppose you’re looking to make your device look even more elegant. In that case, this band is made of premium alligator embossed calf leather handcrafted in Italy, and you get to choose between two different color options to match your outfit.
    If you want your watch to look fabulous while knowing that it can still hold its own against some action, then this is your best option. It’s made of calf leather merged with a premium race tire-inspired FKM rubber base.

Sport band with better grip

    • This is another excellent option for those who love action, as it will be one of your best companions whether you like to be safe indoo
    rs or practice outdoor activities. It will give you a comfortable fit thanks to its fluoroelastomer material.
    If you love leather and want tons of color options to choose from, this is the best option. It comes in 44 different color options to choose from, and its quick-release system will help you switch between bands without a problem.
    You get to choose between seven different color options on this Nylon band with a quick-release system that will let you place it on your new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and get into action right away.
    • Now, Skagen’s replacement band for your Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in several color options, but that’s not all. You also g
    et to choose between stainless steel mesh straps and leather bands to go along with your new Galaxy Watch 4.
    This option will definitely make your watch stand out, it doesn’t matter whether you go for the black or the Silver color variant, but if you make it match the case of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it will look even better.

In case you want even more leather.

    If you really love leather, this is a great option. You get to choose between four different color options, and all of them have tons of leather. And don’t worry, this strap has a cutout on the bottom so that your sensors keep working how they’re supposed to.

More color options in Nylon

    If you want even more color options on your next Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, then this option is for you. It comes with two quick-release spring bars and a spring bar remover in case you need one.

We hope you find this helpful selection, as there’s something for every taste, and prices won’t necessarily break the bank. You will be able to change the strap of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with ease, and you will also be able to choose between different materials and colors to match your style. Remember that we will most likely recommend first-party accessories first, which guarantees that you will get a product that will fit your needs, as they are high-quality. They have been designed to provide your new watch, your new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, or your current Samsung Galaxy S21.

Now, if you want our recommendations, these will depend on what you’re looking for. For instance, if you like to be active and practice sports, you may want to go for the Quick Change Silicone Sport Watch Band or the Archer Watch Straps made with materials that will do a great job keeping your device in place. You don’t need to worry about getting your device wet with water or sweat.

If you want something that makes your watch stand out and look more elegant, you may want to consider the Serafil Prime Leather band or the Fullmosa Quick Release Watch Band that’s made out of stainless steel. And if you want to know my personal pick, check out the Novonappa Hybrid and the Coombes Leather Cuff band. Just remember to be sure that your new band will fit your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 since most of these bands are also compatible with previous Galaxy Watch models.

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