Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases 2021

by Joseph K. Clark


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a fantastic tablet that allows you to watch your favorite shows, play your favorite mobile games, surf the web, draw, and more. The worst thing that could happen is for your versatile device to get dropped or otherwise damaged. That’s why you should protect it with one of the best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases. Don’t forget to grab one of the best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite screen protectors for further protection.

Sleak and protective:
ZtotopCase with Pencil Holder

Samsung Galaxy

Staff Pick

This no-fuss case features a slot for the S Pen and has a flap that both serves to protect your screen and folds into a kickstand to prop the Tab S6 Lite up. Just slip your tablet into place, and you’re good to go. It’s perfect for formal as well as casual situations.

$13 at Amazon

Beautiful book:
Book Cover – Chiffon Rose

This gorgeous case matches the Chiffon Rose Tab S6 Lite color and brings the tablet a more elegant form of protection. There’s a specific spot for the S Pen, and the cover can be folded back to work as a kickstand.

The protective angle:
INFILAND Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Case

This stylish case features a hand-sewn fabric that protects and can prop up the tablet for easy use. The one depicted in the picture is a gorgeous red, but there are also five other colors to choose from. It’s definitely one of the best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases you can get.

$15 at Amazon

Rugged protection:
Herize SM-P610 Heavy Duty Case

Get ultra-rugged protection with this heavy-duty shockproof case that includes a durable cover, built-in stand, shoulder strap, pen holder, and screen protector. Available in five color options, it’s made of synthetic rubber and is perfect if you’re using the Tab S6 Lite while out and about in the field.

From $23 at Amazon

Typing time:
Fintie Keyboard Case

If you foresee yourself using the Tab S6 Lite for work or expect that you’ll be using it a lot to type things up, then you really ought to consider getting a keyboard case. This one has a chic look to it and offers several different cover colors. There’s even a designated spot for the S Pen.

$32 at Amazon

Beautiful safeguard:
Dteck Wallet Case

Looking for a way to reduce the number of things you carry around with you? Consider getting this wallet case. It fits your Galaxy Tab S6 Lite beautifully while also providing room for your ID and credit cards. Plus, that PU leather design looks absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of other colors to choose from as well.

The best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases sometimes have something extra

The best Android tablets are few and far between, but we spent hours combing the internet for the best Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab Lite cases to fit various uses. To determine which were best, we evaluated overall protection, price, the materials they were made of, and any additional conveniences each case offered.

We highly recommend the ZtotopCase with Pencil Holder as it looks good in any scenario, offers a designated location for the S Pen, and doubles as a kickstand. It’s rated well and made of durable materials that will protect your tablet from drops and bumps.

If you think you’ll be using the Tab S6 Lite to write a lot, we highly recommend the Fintie Keyboard Case. It comes with a removable keyboard to easily type out important work emails, post to your social media accounts, or make notes for yourself. Plus, it’s stylish and looks good in both a casual or formal setting. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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