Best PS4 Controller Phone Mounts 2021

by Joseph K. Clark


The PS4 and PS4 Pro are beloved consoles because they feature hundreds of excellent games, access to movies through Sony’s PlayStation Store, and plenty of apps that let you get at the content you want to enjoy. What if you’re not able to snag the television from your roomie, though? If you’re unable to play on a sweet big screen for whatever reason, you can utilize the PS4 Remote Play feature by taking advantage of a clip that mounts your phone onto your controller. It’s important to note that the best PS4 controller phone mounts on our list won’t work with the PS5, so you should only buy them if you plan on using them with your PS4.

Controller Phone Mounts

Secure hold:
Megadream 1st Gen Staff Pick

While Megadream 2nd gen has been released, it seems to be having some fit issues. For now, we suggest sticking with the first generation, which holds up to 6-inch phones and offers a very secure and firm hold around the controller.

Standard order:
SUNKY 180-degree Android clip

Having a phone mount that is flexible and able to move is critical for gaming, and that is precisely what SUNKY delivers. The support has 180 degrees of rotation, which means you can set your phone in the perfect position for gaming.

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