Best Google Pixel 5 Wireless Chargers 2021

by Joseph K. Clark


Google’s history of wireless charging on its Pixels is somewhat rocky, but the Google Pixel 5 should work with a wider variety of wireless chargers. Yes, the Pixel 5 might actually end the insanity of wonky compatibility and bizarre charging speeds we saw with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, thanks to the 15W Extended Power Profile used in the Pixel 5. Many great chargers are out there that support this wireless spec, but your Pixel deserves only the best. These are the best Pixel 5 wireless chargers, including pads and stands.

Wireless Chargers

This two-pad charger has a 15W EPP wireless charging stand for topping off your Pixel 5 at top speed, and you also get a 5W flat charging pad for your Pixel Buds, smartwatch, or another phone. As a note, only the Dark Grey model is 15W!

$49 at Amazon

Belkin has long been a wireless charging partner for Google’s Pixel line. This 15W pad comes with an AC wall adapter to ensure that you get the promised speeds with your Pixel 5.

I’m a massive fan of Moshi’s look for its wireless chargers, but this sliding style also has a purpose! This allows you to reposition the charging coil so that it perfectly aligns with your Pixel 5. There’s also a compact pad version.

This is one of the few wireless charging pads that will work well with either Qualcomm QuickCharge or Power Delivery, so you can use whatever’s handy. The LED indicator is a bit bright for a nightstand, though.

The Pixel Stand debuted with the Pixel 3, so it’ll only charge the Pixel 5 at 10W, but it’s cleanly designed and matches the Pixel aesthetic perfectly. It comes with an 18W Power Delivery wall charger.

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