Best Google Pixel 5 Cases 2021

by Joseph K. Clark


It may be hard to pick the best Google Pixel 5 case because many options will be. Whether you want a ruggedly handsome heavy-duty case, a super slim and stylish chance, or something in between like the perfectly balanced Caseology Parallax, these are the best Google Pixel 5 cases to be found right now.

 Google Pixel

Safe and stylish:
Caseology Parallax Staff Pick

This mesmerizing case has protected my last two Pixels with grace, and the colorways for the Pixel 5 are pretty fetching. The Aqua Green will fit the green Pixel 5 perfectly, while Burgundy and Navy Blue jazz up the black Pixel 5.

Long-term protection:
Tudia Dualshield Merge Series

If you want a heavy-duty case without a heavy-duty price, Tudia has been the go-to for years. The Merge Series gives you the impact protection and grip of a flexible TPU sleeve with the sturdiness of a polycarbonate back.

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