Best Galaxy S21 Plus rugged cases to protect your new phone in 2021

by Joseph K. Clark

The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup is, without a doubt, impressive. The three models come packed with excellent features and with tons of power under the hood. However, they’re not unbreakable. With that in mind, there’s a good chance that you may be looking for a case to keep your device safe from falls and scratches. Yes, thin cases and silicone cases offer adequate protection under normal circumstances.

Still, if you are a person who loves action, extreme sports, thrills, or you just want to take an extra step to keep your device safe, you may want to consider a rugged case. These cases offer the best protection for your new device, and this time we will focus on the Samsung Galaxy S21+, so take a look and see if you find the perfect case for your upcoming phone.

Extreme Rugged Protection

Plus rugged

This list isn’t arranged in a specific order, so you can take your time to decide which case fits your needs. However, if I were the one buying a new rugged case for my Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, I’d definitely go for SUPCASE’s option, as it provides excellent protection for almost half the price of other options in this list. It features a built-in kickstand, a belt holster, and it will keep your phone safe in falls from up to 20 feet. So yeah, getting special protection for less is always a great option.

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