Before Buying a New Smartphone, Keep These 7 Things in Mind!

by Emma

The festive season has arrived. The festival is sparkling all over the country and the smartphone market is bathed in this light. All tech companies are offering discounts and discounts on their products and a variety of attractive offers are offered from online shopping sites to offline retail stores. There are many people like you and us who wait for this opportunity to buy a new mobile phone. These days, many beneficial offers are also available and smartphones are also being available at low prices. But before buying a new smartphone on such an occasion, there are some important things which are very important to take care of.

1. Set budget

There are a lot of options available in all segments, from the entry level phone to the flagship device in the market. It is true that in the range of Rs 10,000, a smartphone equipped with idle specifications is easily found. At the same time, a device equipped with the latest features is available in the budget of 11,000 to 19,000. Smartphones equipped with powerful specifications have been launched today in the segment of Rs 20,000 to 35,000. At the same time, if you look at the above budget, you will find that the specifications will be almost the same in all smartphones. There is a strong emphasis on brand value in this segment. Keep in mind, it is not that if you invest more money, you will get a better phone. Great options are available even at low prices. In such a situation, while buying a new smartphone, spend money according to your budget. The festival faded in the process of taking expensive phones.

2. Identify Your Needs

Mobile phones are no longer just for calling and sending messages. In today’s time, work related to profession and job are also done through smartphone. In such a situation, before taking a new smartphone, designate what you need more in the phone. Camera, processing, longer battery backup, more internal storage and larger display are some of the points that are included in every human need. Camera centric smartphones, mobiles with large batteries and large displays, devices made for fast processing are all present. So first identify your need and then choose the smartphone. Here, the pockets will not be empty if you are saved from breathtaking talk of friends and show-off.

3. is fond of photography

If your needs or hobbies include phone photography and recording, then turn to camera centric smartphone. Today, from mobile phones with 6 camera sensors to 108 megapixel power smartphones have also come on the market. But here just counting camera sensors or high megapixel power will not be enough. Not many sensors promise good photography. Here you have to understand the capability of wide angle lens, zoom power, telephoto lens, macro lens, depth sensor etc., as well as features like OIS, EIS, HDR, 4K-8 recording, slow-mo. Also options like dual LED or quad flash light will work for you.

4. Need Fast Processing

Mobile gaming enthusiasts and multi-tasking users want that they get a phone that works smoothly without complaining of lag and hang. Here, let us tell you that for better processing in the phone, both the chipset and RAM memory will have to be seen. Qualcomm, MediaTek, Kirin and iOS are some of the platforms that provide chipsets in phones. At the same time, gaming technology is also provided with processors. Here the GPU present in the phone will also have to be checked. The Android operating system and the brand’s user interface also help smooth processing to some extent. It is also important to take care of all these points.

5. Looking for a long backup

There are many such users who want that once the phone is full charged, there is no need to put it in the charger for a long time. Today many smartphones with 6,000 mAh battery have been launched in the Indian market and you will find 4,000 mAh to 5,000 mAh battery in all brands of smartphones. But before buying a phone with a large battery here, it is also important to test the fast charging technology present in it. Explain that the phone supports fast charging of the watt, not necessarily the charger of the same watt in its retail box. In this case, the charger may have to be paid separately. Our advice is to always use the brand’s original charge with the phone.

how to buy a new smartphone most important things to remember

6. Need more storage

You will also remember the time when microSD card was filled separately and inserted in the phone to play songs and videos in mobile. With the change in the technology of smartphones, this trend is also buried. Today 32 GB to 128 GB storage has become common in mobile phones only. Smartphone companies also launch multiple RAM and storage variants of the same phone, which become an easy choice for users. Very few people use the external card in the phone. So, do not go on things like ‘1 TB expandable’ storage and bring home a smartphone with large internal storage. Along with large storage, it is also important to focus on UFS i.e. universal flash storage. UFS sets the speed of file transfer in that phone, how fast data will be imported.

7. Big Display Demand

The outbreak and lockdown from Corona in the country has opened up a different phase of the technique. From office work to school education, everyone started online. Parents who used to scold children for using more phones, are buying new mobiles for their children. Such people need a smartphone with large display so that there is no problem in studying online. A 6-inch screen has become common in smartphones. But apart from the big display, it is also necessary to see its pixel resolution (HD, FHD, FHD +), display technology (LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED) and brightness and contrast knits. P3-like technology has started coming to smartphones to prevent damage to the eyes during use.

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