Atlassian updates Confluence to better support remote work

by Joseph K. Clark

Now that distributed and remote work is becoming the new norm, Atlassian wants to ensure teams have the proper tools and knowledge to work virtually together. The company announced new content and team collaboration features for Confluence, its project collaboration solution. 

According to the company, working remotely is not just about connecting work; it’s about making sure people feel and stay connected. With its updates, Atlassian looked at making specific work visible to colleagues, fostering social connections, and enabling teams to express themselves. 


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“Each of these areas is equally important in the success of virtually working well together. It’s not just creating content; it’s also about seeing the writer behind it to keep us all connected,” Natalia Baryshnikova, head of product management for the Confluence Experience Group, wrote in a post


The new updates include providing more ways to customize your workspace to add color, a page cover image, or emojis into your content. The company explained that this could help team members express their personality, which is especially important in a remote environment where team members may have never met each other in person before. 

Smart links have also been added to display content in its native format for more informative visuals. Other updates include scheduling work or content at the right time to the right people; and converting pages into blogs. 

“This new era of work isn’t written in stone, but we know it will require more than content creation alone to get things done and keep teams feeling the same connection they did in the office. In the next year, we’ll be supporting more types of content to continue making work more visual and further place Confluence at the center of organizations like yours,” Baryshnikova wrote.

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