Apple working on its own Nintendo Switch competitor?

by Joseph K. Clark

It seems that Apple is really trying to expand to every single market within the tech world. We know them for delivering excellent devices, like the latest Macs, MacBooks, iPhones, and more. Rumors also suggest that Cupertino is giving us a new VR/AR headset and more. Still, the latest information claims that it’s also working on a new games console that would fit in the same category as the Nintendo Switch.

A new rumor from Asia claims that Apple is trying to get into the gaming console business. This new console would be similar to the Nintendo Switch, according to a post on a Korean forum shared by @FrontTron. He explains that Apple is giving us a new portable hybrid games console, which would come with a new processor that wouldn’t be part of the Apple A or M series. IT also mentions that it will feature enhanced GPU performance and ray tracing support.

Nintendo Switch competitor

Now, the source of this rumor isn’t completely reliable, so take it with some salt. However, his information has been picked up on several sites, so he may be onto something. Whatever the case, we also hear that Apple is negotiating with several video game studios, including Ubisoft, which has created some killer games like the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry sagas. The idea is to get them to develop games for the alleged new gaming console.

This rumored device could also take advantage and boost the Apple Arcade gaming service. iPads and Apple TV both support Apple Arcade, and they support external controllers, so we can’t really guess where or how the new gaming console fits in Cupertino’s plans.

Previous rumors from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have also mentioned the possibility of a new Apple TV model, which would arrive with a more potent gaming focus. We must also remember information from well-known leaker L0vetodream, where he claims Apple is working on its own gaming controller that would work with this new gaming-focused Apple TV. So yeah, the rumor of a new Apple portable gaming console may not be so crazy after all.

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