Apple Watch Series 7 case sizes will completely change, leak suggests

by Joseph K. Clark

It seems that the new Apple Watch Series 7 may arrive with more significant cases than all its predecessors. The original Apple Watch launched back in 2015 with 38mm and 42mm case options to choose from. Case sizes remained the same until the Apple Watch Series 4, which arrived with 40mm and 44mm votes. However, the latest information claims that the new Watch Series 7 cases could be slightly larger than the ones found in the latest Apple Watch models.

According to UnclePan, the new Apple Watch Series 7 could arrive with 41mm and 45mm case sizes for you to choose from. This leaker has already shared information about previous Apple products in the past, but remember that this is not official information, so take it with some salt.


Now, getting more prominent cases also suggests that we may get larger displays. Previous rumors also claim that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will feature smaller bezels and a flat edge design. This design would go along the same design language that Apple has presented in the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the current iPhone models. In addition, the flat edge design would also make it easier for Apple to make its display area larger.

Previous rumors also suggest that the Apple Watch Series 7 could feature double-sided chips, which would help Apple to fit larger batteries and other hardware components under the chassis of the new Watch. Now, rumors also mentioned possible blood glucose sensors, but these may not be ready in time to arrive in the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. Still, getting a larger battery and improved wireless connectivity may end up being a significant upgrade in the new models.

Remember that the new Apple Watch Series 7 may arrive next month, the new iPhone 13 lineup, and maybe even new iPad models. But we’re still in August, so that means that we may have to wait a bit longer before we receive any kind of official information or more details about the upcoming Apple events.

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