Anker charging accessories are discounted today only in an Amazon sale

by Joseph K. Clark

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Need a charger to make up for the one you didn’t get in the box or a wireless stand to eliminate cables from your life? It’s an excellent time to buy. Anker charging accessories have received hefty discounts as part of a one-day Amazon sale. You’ll see the most significant bargains if you’re eager to cut the cords. The PowerWave 4-in-1 Stand has dropped to just $75 (down from $100) if you’re heavily invested in Apple devices, while the single-device PowerWave II Stand is on sale for $26 (from $35 if you only need to charge a phone.

Amazon sale

You’ll also find deals if you’re happy with the plugin. If you don’t mind passing on Anker’s new Nano II models, the gallium nitride-based 30W PowerPort Atom charger is on sale for $21 (from $30). And if you still need spare Lightning to USB-A cables, a PowerLine+ II three-pack is available for just over $26 instead of the usual $34.

Buy PowerPort Atom on Amazon – $21

Buy PowerLine+ II on Amazon – $26

Anker has built up a reputation for solid mobile accessories, and for a good reason: it often fills the gaps left by your phone maker and some accessory rivals. The wireless chargers are notable not just for quick top-ups but for including fast power adapters — you won’t have to hunt for extras. The PowerPort Atom gives your phone the small but-speedy wired charging it should have had all along, and the PowerLine+ II cables are some of our favorite third-party Lightning alternatives.

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