Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review: Letting kids go Pro in the right ways

by Joseph K. Clark

When considering what makes an excellent Android tablet for kids, things like durability, age-appropriate content, and parental controls are generally at the top of that list. Looking at those qualifications and what Amazon offers, it’s easy to see why the best Amazon Fire Kids tablets on found on that device list. So, to provide parents and kids even more choices when it comes to Fire Kids Tablets, Amazon announced the new Fire HD 10. It also added a new level to its Kids tablets, Kids Pro — and my son is very excited to help me with this Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro review.

Amazon Fire

One of the other significant considerations is price, especially when you purchase a tablet for a young child who tends to wreak havoc on electronics. Well, the Fire 10 HD Kids Pro tablet is the best of the best from Amazon, which means it’s also the most expensive. While the Kids Pro version of the tablet shares a lot with the standard Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids, I’m going to be going through what you get with the Kids Pro — and the new version makes it worth it for your 6-12-year-old.

However, I am glad that the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack for my own sanity. Although, there is also Bluetooth on board to give you choices when choosing an excellent set of kids headphones for your child. The other feature Amazon continues to include with its tablets is the expandable memory slot. You can add up to 1TB by slotting in one of the best MicroSD cards for Fire Tablets.

The inclusion of expandable memory for the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet is excellent, considering all of the great content.

In addition to the modified web browser experience, there is also access to a filtered digital store. When enabled, your child will be able to browse both free and paid apps from the store. While they will see these apps, your child cannot download them without your permission. After picking an app and tapping “Get,” a pop-up that reads a request to download the app will be sent to your parent.

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