5 Steps to Make the Perfect Home Spa

by Joseph K. Clark

Taking a trip to the spa is an easy way to gain some much-needed rest and relaxation. While many businesses remain closed due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, it’s still possible to achieve these moments of rejuvenation from the comfort of your own home. By setting up a home spa in a few simple steps, you’ll create an atmosphere of calm that you can quietly retreat to whenever necessary. During an unprecedented time of stress and uncertainty, the addition of a home spa helps you focus on your wellness and put your mental health first.

Home Spa

1. Supplies

To create the perfect day spa at home, you need the right supplies. The primary focus here is to choose items designed to invigorate your senses, rejuvenate your skin and hair, and provide an overall feeling of relief. Think about the spa treatments you most enjoy, like a facial, and use this as a starting point. Buy skincare products that feel luxurious and special, and couple those with deep-conditioning hair masks and some naturally scented bubble baths.

Fill up your tub with warm water and the bubble bath, apply a hair and face mask, and sit back to enjoy the peace and quiet. Once you’re done soaking and preening, use your favorite lotions to add moisture into your skin and grab a snack to enjoy as you sit in a fuzzy robe and relish in the release of all your pent-up stress.

2. Atmosphere

In addition to getting the right supplies, creating a triumphant spa moment at home comes down to the atmosphere you create. Each part of the process is equally important, from candles to music to putting your phone on silent. Buy diffusion sticks in your preferred scent, dim the lights, and play an ocean waves track from your favorite meditation app.

The scents and sounds put you in a more peaceful frame of mind and help you feel like you’re really at your favorite spa, not in your own living room. Buy some fresh flowers, slice lemons, or cucumber to make infused water, then sit back and clear your head of any lingering thoughts.

3. Meditate

Speaking of meditation apps, learning the art of meditation is a great way to enhance your experience. This trick becomes helpful in any setting as it allows you to control your breathing, focus your attention, and put yourself in a calmer state of mind. Guided meditations are available on various apps, so it’s all about choosing the option that works best for you. Practice meditative thinking as you go through your epic day spa routine and you’ll feel refreshed and re-balanced in no time.

4. Schedule

To make the most of your experience, clear your schedule. While you may not end up devoting an entire day to pampering yourself with body treatments and a skincare routine that’ll make your esthetician proud, you’ll still need a good chunk of time to do everything on your list. Put your phone on silent. Add an “out of office” auto-response to your email account.

If you live with someone else, let them know that you don’t want to be disturbed for a set amount of time. The last thing you want is to be interrupted when you’re mid-manicure or once you’ve finally mastered that meditative breathing sequence that has been eluding you.

5. Repeat

Though it seems like a luxury, this type of relaxation and self-care should be part of your weekly (or even daily) routine. You don’t have to go all out every day, but it’s essential to take some time to yourself, for yourself, as often as possible. Like your weekly therapist appointment, these moments of pampering are an integral part of your mental health maintenance. Even if you simply apply a face mask, put on a meditation track, and light a few candles before you go to bed, it’ll transform the way you feel.

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