15 Duffels And Weekender Bags Perfect For Overnight Trips

by Joseph K. Clark

The saying “catch flights, not feelings” seems like a distant memory as most people settle in for what will likely be a year without much travel due to COVID-19.

Instead of booking flights, people satisfy their wanderlust with local, weekend getaways to beaches and mountains. There’s even been a notable spike in RV rentals and purchases for those who plan to live on the road this summer and beyond.

Traveling in normal times is stressful enough, but traveling during COVID-19 might be even worse. You have to think about whether you should travel to another state during the pandemic and the safest way to take a road trip while social distancing. The last thing you want to sweat over is your luggage situation.


Here at HuffPost Finds, we previously reviewed Away luggage to determine its worth and deemed it a perfect carry-on bag for travel. But now that most of us are looking for inexpensive long-weekend getaways that might not involve booking a plane ticket at all, a big carry-on suitcase might be overkill.

Duffels and weekender bags are ideal for overnight and long-weekend trips. These oversized travel bags are perfect for packing a few outfits and essentials for a road trip.

The best weekender bag is the one that works for you and your lifestyle. Overnight bags come in a wide variety of styles for different needs. Some have shoe compartments and laptop pockets, and others can even attach to your suitcase.

From cute weekender bags for women to leather weekender bags for men, long gone are the days of lumpy, lifeless duffel bags that look like they should be shoved into a gym locker. Today’s weekenders and duffels are made with chic canvases and leathers in neutral tones and trendy prints — even the sporty, water-resistant styles are modern.

Better still, a lot of these weekend bags can be a carry-on or double as a work tote for when you start traveling farther again.

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